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1st March:

Daisy Says (daisyhollands instagram)    See original review here.

"Absolutely delighted to be kicking off the #BookTour for The Path of Good Response. What an intriguing book and one that had me hooked from the first chapter. Straight away , characters are put into a really difficult situation - something of a dilemma - which throws the reader into wondering what they would do in (or out!) of their shoes.
So well written, very descriptive and evocative. I was looking forward to reading this story because it’s such a great premise and it was so much better than I was expecting. Had me hooked. Highly recommended." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

1st March:

Leanne J (leanne.loves.books instagram)    See original review here.

"It’s my day of the book tour for this brilliant debut from Steve Frogley!

This is centred around Joe Massey who applies to Schelldhardt's who are a company that ‘run the best graduate scheme in the world’. Joe and his friends all apply for a job and get interviews. I found the interview alone great to read about. So intrusive and bizarre. To get my student debts paid though, I’d give it a go!

Joe is offered a role aboard Schelldhardt's luxurious headquarters at sea, he discovers that the company mission is beyond anything he had ever imagined. It’s not like loads happens at the start of the story but I couldn’t put the book down! Hearing about the boat, the rules, the job and strange dreams that disturb Joe’s sleep was just fascinating. It’s weird what people were willing to do to work for the company. The story progressed solidly throughout and I did not find my mind wandering.

It soon becomes clear that nothing is quite as it seems on at boat and some of the strange things that happen just don’t tell you where it is going. Joe is a bit of an obsessive. He was flawed and realistic and his character had some weird traits but I found him an interesting main character. The book is also told from the perspective of Arnold Shendi. You hear about his past and present and find out how they are linked.

The book is complex and intriguing and had me thinking about what I would do for a dream job. Probably not what these wanted! It drew me in from the first chapter and I didn’t put it down until I’d finished because I needed to know where it was going next. It is exactly the kind of book I love and I am grateful for the chance to read this for an unbiased review. I will look for more by this author, and I hope he finds more unusual settings and unique stories.  

Thank you to @lovebookstours and @stevefrogleyauthor for a gifted copy of the book for an unbiased review. " 

2nd March:

Books with Emma (_bookswithemma instagram)    See original review here.

"I cannot believe this is Steve Frogley’s first book. Wow what a gripping read! This is so much better than I expected. I read this book over a weekend and I could not put it down. I kept wondering where the story was going and just as I thought I had it worked out the author takes us on another sharp twist that just opens another door of.

The view point of the story focuses on present day life for Joe but also dips into past and present life of Arnold Shendi. Their link to the path of a greater good is entangled in a knot of deceit, suspense and mystery.

I would highly recommend this book. It had me drawn in from the first chapter and made me think of how everything isn’t really as it seems." 

2nd March:

Hannah Loves to Read (hannahlovestoread instagram)    See original review here.

"At first I felt this book was a little jagged however once I got into the story it is great. When Joe went to the interview day to join Schelldhardt he thought it was the opportunity of a lifetime. He couldn’t have been further from the truth. I liked how this book kept jumping between the present time with Joe and the past with Shendi. It did take a little getting used to as at first I wasn’t sure what was happening but as time went on I found myself racing through the pages."

Thank you so much @lovebookstours for letting me take part in the blog tour for this book. 


3rd March:

Rhianydd Morris (rhianyddmorris instagram)    See original review here.

"I like the story the writing style was beautiful written the cover is amazing. I loved the characters in the story you connect to them easy there allot of twist and drama in the book between the characters. This is a gripping read you enjoy thank you for the e book. " 


3rd March:

B for Book Review (Wordpress)    See original article here.

No review. Book extract only.

5th  March:

Erica (ee.85.w instagram)    See original review here.

"When I was given the opportunity to read and review The Path of Good Response, I jumped at the chance! Something about the description of this book called to me.

"Do you value your mother's health above peace in the Middle East. How about your career over global warming?"

Do you risk one to save many? What if the one is your mother, father, child or friend?

Joe Massey accepts a job with the company Schellhardt and begins his new life at sea. But what does this job really entail and how do you answer these questions?

Where nothing is as it seems
"what is the path of good response?"

This story drew me in from the first chapter, first paragraph. Asking - what are these interviews for? why this job? what would I accept or do if my student loans would be paid? I was questioning myself throughout. What choices would I make? I was hooked and it did not disappoint. I am looking forward to more stories from this gifted author!


6th  March:

Beatriz Faye (beatrizfayereads_ instagram)    See original review here.

"The book is beautifully written in a way that it makes us readers get hooked to it in the first chapters of the book. The storyline, itself, depicts how much of a creative author Steve Frogley was and the characters bring about a lot of drama and twists which makes the story worth reading.

It is unbelievable that this is Steve Frogley's first book because he writes in a way that will make readers immersed into it since the book is a very gripping read."

No Rating System used.

7th  March:

Siobhán (the.b00kreader instagram)    See original article here.
Article only. No review.


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