Interview with Boomers on Books

17th March 2021  (YouTube Interview)

A startled rabbit in headlights. A falling picture. A favourite film fabricated in sheer panic. Luckily, Vince was there. 
See the YouTube interview below.

Love Books Book Tour

1st March 2021 (Book Tour)

Love Books Book Tour March 1st to March 7th.
All the reviews here for The Path of Good Response.

Defecting to the other side of
your brain?

11th February 2021 (Article)

The similarities between writing a novel and developing an IT system.
Only IT workers, bored writers and chronic insomniacs need read this overreaching analogy... 

Authors' Lounge

2nd February 2021 (Interview)

Authors' Lounge interview featuring  The Path of Good Response.

Southend-on-Sea Big Readers Book Club Review

25th  January 2021 (Book Club Review Article)

When I joined a Zoom book club meeting to discuss my book, The Path of Good Response.


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